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America now dates Museveni on Africa stability

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has held talks with the United States Assistant Secretary for Africa, Lindah Thomas-Greenfield.

The meeting took place at State House Entebbe, according to presidential press secretary, Lindah Nabusayi.

During the meeting, President Museveni and his guests discussed issues pertaining to sustainable political and economical stability in Africa.

The USA Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac and the United Kingdom High Commissioner to Uganda Alison Blackburne also attended the meeting.

The last time Museveni met GreenField was in December 2015 at the peak of the political conflicts in the neighbouring Burundi.

Greenfield had told a US Senate panel that President Museveni and the East African Community could share in the blame if full-scale war breaks out in Burundi.

Urgent and closely focused attention is needed to quell Burundi’s internal conflict, the US diplomat said.

But the EAC’s efforts to promote negotiations “have not borne fruit,” she added.

“If it is not, and the crisis deteriorates further, possibly into full-scale war, I fear that President Museveni and the EAC could end up being partially blamed, given the lengthy delays in getting the process started.”

Political tensions within the EAC have also impeded mediation, she said.

Competing interests between Burundi and Rwanda and between Rwanda and Tanzania “have caused the EAC to not be as effective as they might have been,” Ms Thomas-Greenfield said in remarks to a US Senate subcommittee on Africa.

The US wanted the African Union to take over the mediation effort from the EAC, Assistant Secretary Thomas-Greenfield said.


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