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Activist Undule urges Malawi to probe Rwanda genocide suspect

Malawi government should probe Rwamdan national Vincent Murekezi whoacquired the Malawian passport number MA078171 in 2011 using the name Vincent M. Banda, a Malawian, born at Mbeya, Tanzania yet he is a genocide suspect wanted to face trial for his role in 1994 killings.

Murekezi;s Rwandan passport indicates the birth place as Ngoma-Huye in Rwanda. The passport number is PC 939663, the way it appears in a dossier by the Rwandan Government which names him as a suspect of the genocide.

Both passports show that Murekezi was born on January 6, 1962. The Malawi passport was issued in Blantyre on August 3, 2011 and is valid until August 2, 2021 while his Rwandan passport was issued on December 8, 2009 and expired on December 8, 2014.

Following an expose by Nyasa Times and also report in the flagship newspaper, The Daily Times, the Rwandan has been using his strong links with Malawi government and ruling party politicians to shield him.

But human rights activist Undule Mwakasungura cautioned Malawi government to handle the matter carefully, saying the reports in Nyasa Times and Daily Times that Malawi has been hosting a genocide suspect “have potential to dmage the image of this country on the international scene.”

Mwakasungura said government need to swiftly investigate and verify the suspect.

Some concerned Malawians want to ask the court to order government to extradite the Rwandan national.


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