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UNHCR officials commend Isange one stop center services

A delegation of twenty-five members from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), on September 21, visited Isange One-stop centre to acquaint themselves with the psycho-social and legal services offered at the centre to victims of gender based violence and child abuse.

The officials from thirteen francophone African countries are in Rwanda for a five-day familiarization tour and to learn more about Rwanda’s progress in the field of child protection and anti-GBV initiatives.

According to Karen Whiting, the UNHCR senior advisor on child protection, the delegation opted to visit the centre to learn more about its operations while sharing knowledge with “best practices in the area of anti-GBV services and victims’ rehabilitations.”

“We believe and encouraged that the Isange one stop centre model should be duplicated by all countries especially in rehabilitating refuges affected by violence,” Whiting said.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Jean D’arc Mukandahiro, the director of Isange centres, who received the delegation, gave them a guided tour to all sections of the facility while explaining its relevance in victims’ rehabilitation and legal support.

CIP Mukandahiro explained that the center also operates a free phone hotline for help, protection from further violence, investigation of crimes, medical and psycho-social care and support and collection of forensic evidence.

The Isange One Stop Center – which means feel welcome in Kinyarwanda - provides free services for victims of child domestic abuse and gender-based violence (GBV).


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