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Two held for vandalizing fiber optic cables

Police in Kamonyi district is holding two men in connection vandalism of fiber optic cable lines belonging to KT Rwanda Networks Company.

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Central Region Police Spokesperson, Supt Emmanuel Hitayezu

Police said, Aphrodis Uwiringiyimana and Aaron Muhawenimana, were intercepted by residents as they dug up the cables and informed the police.

However, the two men are said to have previously vandalized fiber optic cables around City of Kigali and stole several electric cables and were extending their pilfering to the outskirts on the city.

The two suspects were paraded before residents of Kigali Sector during Umuganda and later taken Runda sector in Kamonyi district where they were also paraded before begin taken into custody at Runda Police Station.

According to the Central Region Police Spokesperson, Supt Emmanuel Hitayezu, “KT Rwanda Networks had previously lodged a complaint about their infrastructures being vandalized; we worked with residents in all the hotspots where these cables are laid out and that’s how we managed to arrest them.”

The spokesperson said that police has since embarked on extensive investigations to identify how much damage the duo caused and if there are others involved.

“We have so far found out that they were also vandalizing electric cables and that’s why we urge the public that if they see anyone working on these infrastructures without a company budge and uniform should immediately inform the nearest police station,” said SP Hitayezu.

He further warned against such acts and called for tight night patrols and full participation of communities to fight and prevent criminal and illegal activities and bring to justice those involved.

“The theft of these infrastructures undermines the country’s development, that’s why it’s a responsibility for all to fight against these,” said the spokesperson.

Under article 406 of the penal code, any person who willfully destroys or damages in any way, in all or a part, buildings, bridges, dams, water pipes, water pipe routes, roads, railways or any other means of communication or electric power infrastructure, wells or any other buildings which do not belong to him or her, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine of twice to ten times the value of the damaged property.

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