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Transporters told to be vigilant against drug dealers

Rwanda National Police (RNP) appeals to public transporters to exercise maximum vigilance not to facilitate criminality, especially drug dealers, who use public means to traffic psychotropic substances.

The call comes after two suspected drug dealers were arrested on May 28 in Ngoma District while trafficking 21 kilogrammes of cannabis using public transport means.

Jean Claude, 21 and Germain Ntahomurereye, 24, were at the time en route to Kigali.

Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, Police spokesperson for the Eastern Province, said one of the passengers in the public vehicle suspected the duo to be having drugs and immediately called police.

“The vehicle was stopped in Remera Sector in Ngoma, about three kilometers from Kibungo roundabout, and when police searched the luggage of the two men, they indeed found cannabis concealed in their bags,” IP Kayigi said.

“Currently, they are detained at Remera Police station but investigations are still underway because we need to know all those connected to this group like where they got cannabis and the people they were supplying,” he added.

“There’s a possibility that a driver or a conductor is connected to this crime, although sometimes they don’t know. We urge them to always be vigilant not to aid such drug traffickers and other wrongdoers, and when they notice such, they immediately alert police,” he noted.

“We have had situations where drivers, motorcyclists and even the people themselves like passengers after noticing a drug dealer; they drive or drag them to the nearby police station, which is commendable. If you suspect that one of the people on board is involved in any criminal activity, just call police or drive to the nearby station.”

Elsewhere, in Burera District, police intercepted 310 sachets of Blue Sky, banned gin.
Fighting narcotics and other psychotropic substances is one of the priorities of Rwanda National Police through intensified operations and awareness.


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