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Thousands gather at Kibeho to celebrate Assumption Day

A reported crowd of worshippers in excess of 10.000 pilgrims yesterday made their way to the shrine of the Lady of Kibeho, where in the 1980’s the apparition of Mary, Mother of Jesus became visible to several people, a fact acknowledged by the Catholic Church which has formally sanctioned the site and pilgrimages to it.

Every year on Assumption Day, which falls on the 15th of August, do people not just from Rwanda but the wider region and beyond come to Kibeho to pray and worship.
With over 100.000 visitors per annum are key event days the ones with the highest attendance, like today.

The following calendar of events for 2016 shows how widespread the support for the shrine now is and a much higher numbers of pilgrims are expected over the coming years as religious tours are being packaged among Catholics in West Africa and especially Nigeria.

his adds to the other attractions Rwanda as a country has to offer to her visitors, big game safaris in Akagera National Park, unique rainforest experiences in Nyungwe and Gishwati Forest National Parks and of course the unrivalled thrill of tracking the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park.

Cultural tours with visits to the main museums in Kigali and Huye, the restored palace of the ancient kingdom in Nyanza, coronation preparation sites outside Musanze and now tours with a distinct religious component are all key to Rwanda’s tourism success. MICE business, now ably supported by a new national convention and exhibition centre are just the icing on the cake for Rwanda and have helped to position the country at the very centre of tourism activities in Eastern Africa.


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