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A high-level Ugandan Delegation, led by the Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs among other diplomats, has secured a big portion of the payment Ugandan traders and businessmen have been seeking from its booming yet poor war-torn neighbor, South Sudan.

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The Ugandan Attorney General, Hon. William Byaruhanga, and South Sudan Finance Minister, Stephen Dhieu Dau

The delegation led by the Ugandan Attorney General, Hon. William Byaruhanga, was received at Juba International Airport by the South Sudan Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau and Hon. Koryom Mayik, the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan

The Ugandan delegation comprises of William Byaruhanga, The Attorney General of the Republic of Uganda, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Henry Oryem Okello, Minister of State for Finance, Hon. David Bahati and Gen. Rusoke, the Ambassador of Uganda to South Sudan.

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Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Henry Oryem Okello on the left, during the meeting on debts arrears in Juba, South Sudan

The high-level mission was sponsored by the beneficiaries, the Ugandan businessmen, who have tried to sue South Sudan in an International Tribunal Court to get their dues in the past 4 years but to no success.

Interviewed while receiving the delegation at the airport, Hon Dhieu was well aware that the visiting delegation was coming to “discuss issues related to trade and bilateral relations between the two sisterly countries”

On his arrival, the head of Ugandan delegation, the Attorney General, Hon. William Byrauhanga reiterated that their official mission to south Sudan is to discuss issues on trader and trade relations between the two countries.

He explained that the purpose of the meeting was to settle issues of outstanding debts for trade and supplies made by different firms and individuals to the Government of South Sudan through South Sudanese traders and firms.

Asked about the details of the debts and the amount owing, the officials downplayed the details, however, Hon. Dhieu assures that his government is committed to work with Ugandan government in deepening relations in all areas politically, economically and through military corporations.

After a short meeting, South Sudan’s Minister of finance reached agreement with Ugandans diplomats to settle the payment of 41 million USD as compensation to Ugandan traders and businessmen for losses incurred due to the conflict in the last three years.

Hon. Dhieu said the relations between the two states of Uganda and South Sudan have been politically, economically, cultural and socially strong for many years and therefore, must be maintained.

He assured that Governments of both countries have taken steps to strengthen relations “in all aspects including stronger economies ties and security along the borders”.

Due to resumption of conflict in July this year, many Ugandans traders have been evacuated from Juba, however, the two governments have signed agreements to jointly patrol Juba-Nimule highway to ensure safety for Ugandan traders to continue their business.

This would be the third agreement Juba has signed with the neighboring countries after Ethiopia and Kenya.


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