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Rwandan, S. Korean firm ink deal to boost ICT cooperation

On Thursday,Rwanda signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Korea’s National Information Society Agency (NIA) to facilitate the implementation of Smart Rwanda 2020 Master plan.

The SMART Rwanda Master Plan 2015-2020, puts ICTs - especially broadband - at the heart of the national socio-economic development agenda.

Byungo-Jo Suh, the president of NIA, said the agreement binds cooperation in establishing Rwanda Information Society Authority, meant to lead ICT development in the east African country.

Suh observed that building a knowledge based society is requisite to creation of new industries to increase national competitiveness.

He said the partnership offers an opportunity for sharing of the firm’s experience and expertise with the rest of Rwandans.

He reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Rwanda’s ICT development based on the partnership cooperation channel between South Korea and Rwanda.

"We will also work to make knowledge and technology sharing experience with Rwanda a model for expanding cooperation with other African countries," he said.

Jean-Philbert Nsengimana, Rwanda’s minister of Youth and ICT signed the deal on behalf of his government while Byungo-Jo Suh, the president of NIA, signed on behalf of his firm.

Under the deal, the two parties will cooperate to establish second information access center facility at the University of Rwanda, to advance youth innovation, facilitate exchange of knowledge and skills and facilitate Korean voluntary ICT experts to visit Rwanda to interact with students.

Minister Nsengimana noted that the new deal would strengthen the two countries cooperation in various sectors of economy.

"The signing marks another step of National Information Society Agency and the strong commitment of Korea towards Rwanda’s digital transformation and delivering on the vision of smart Rwanda and indeed a smart Africa," he said.


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