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Rwanda takes ‘Made in Rwanda’ marketing campaign to Congo Brazzavile

The Private Sector Federation (PSF), working with the chamber of Rwandan farmers has started a trade mission to Congo Brazzaville to market its local products.

The visit aims to market ‘Made in Rwanda’ products and identify new business opportunities. It is being held in Pointe-Noire, the second largest city and commercial center of Congo.

According to a statement from PSF, a business-to-business forum is planned bringing together Rwandan exporters and Congolese traders to discuss possible trade partnerships and investment opportunities.

The Federation will also organize an exhibition to showcase Rwandan products and services, in which forty companies will participate. Sectors to be showcased include construction, ICT and financing.

PSF has organized similar trade missions to the DR Congo, Turkey and China to promote and enhance exports. Last month, the Federation signed an agreement with Groupe 250 and Sawa Citi Supermarket to boost trade and establish a multi-services center (MSC) in Congo-Brazzaville.

G250 is a company operating in the Republic of Congo in the sectors of import, export and infrastructure development, while Sawa Citi is a supermarket with outlets in Kigali. The MSC which will include facilities such as storage and retail space, a cold room and a refrigerated truck to facilitate Rwandan traders to export their products to Congo.

Sawa Citi will facilitate operations by working hand in hand with small and medium-sized enterprises in order to get products that will be exported by G250.


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