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Rwanda, DRC Set a Committee to Monitor the Exploitation of Gas in L. Kivu

DRC and Rwanda have set up in Goma Wednesday, April 27th a committee to monitor the exploitation of methane gas in Lake Kivu.

This Committee consists of 10 experts and has the mission to secure the common way gas extraction work and spare the local population the danger related to the non-exploitation of this gas.

The installation of this committee follows the agreement signed between Rwanda and the DRC in November 2015 in Rubavu on the exploitation of methane gas from Lake Kivu. An agreement also focuses on the monitoring of this river when operating the gas contained therein.

For now, the DRC does not exploit the gas in Lake Kivu.

For its part, Rwanda in 2008 launched a pilot project producing 3 megawatts of electricity from the extract of the lake methane gas.

Since January 2016, the country has built a plant capable of producing 25 megawatts, according Augusta Omutoni, Rwandan expert member of this committee.

The Congolese Minister of Hydrocarbons, Emile Ngoy Djalajesse says the "tour" of the DRC will also come.

"While our neighbouring Rwanda has made some advances on us. Do you worry unduly because your turn comes and he will certainly come, “he says?

According to him, the government of the DRC “now meets the parameters required to max out “in Rwanda.

The Governor of South Kivu, Marcelin Cishambo, said, meanwhile, the methane gas is both an asset and a danger. He mentioned the risk of a gas explosion that scares local residents. These people expect to be informed about the actual operating time of the gas, said Marcelin Cishambo.

By Robert Muriisa.

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