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RNP, City of Kigali rollout campaign on security and hygiene

Rwanda National Police (RNP) and the City of Kigali have rolled out a campaign aimed at further promoting security and hygiene in Kigali.

Appearing on a talkshow on a local radio station on Thursday morning, officials from the two entities said that campaigns and activities aimed at implementing Imihigo – performance contract – signed on August 8 have started in households and in all levels in the three city districts of Nyarugenge, Kicukiro and Gasabo.

Imihigo signed between RNP, CoK and the three districts binds all parties to partner in building stronger and functioning community policing committees, community night patrols, fight drug abuse, domestic violence, noise pollution, sell of alcoholic drinks to minors, fire outbreak, public order management and promoting road security.

Elaborating on how Imihigo on security will be implemented, during the talk-show, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Damas Gatare, Commissioner for Community Policing in RNP, said that this will help to “make inventory and effective joint response to all sites in cells where drugs are sold, where the drugs come from and individual and groups involved in this criminal business.”

“Campaigns will be conducted in communities, during Umuganda, in schools, business centres and in the due course, we will also create more ant-drug clubs in cells, schools and youth associations,” ACP Gatare, who is a co-chair of the security and hygiene campaign, explained.

“Communication posts will also be hanged in bars, night clubs and other entertainment areas with messages prohibiting sell of alcoholic drinks to any person under the age of 18 years but we will also organize meetings with youth associations to educate them on dangers of consuming alcohol at a younger age,” he added.

In line with preventing noise pollution, he said that owners of buildings or businesses that tend to fall in this category like faith based organizations, night spots will be encouraged to install sound proofs but added that a teams will monitor inspect and advise on sound pollution.

Identifying and reuniting families with conflicts, ensuring professional night patrols, installation of security lights in homes, laying strategies to sensitise prostitutes, beggars and street children and organize them in lawful businesses for easy support as well as sensitizing and relocating street vendors to authorized markets are other activities to be conducted in the six-month campaign to climax by awarding best performers from the household to the district level in December.

Judith Kazayire, the vice mayor of the City of Kigali, called upon local leaders to oversee and ensure that what is entailed in the performance contract is implemented and “expected results attained.”

“The two domains of security and hygiene have a significant impact in the fast development of the City of Kigali,” Kazayire said.

Under the hygiene domain, she explained, there will be public awareness on sanitation, hygiene and environmental standards through the media, trainings, special Umuganda where messages will be delivered, advising on waste management, individual hygiene.

“This will ensure proper sanitation infrastructures like toilets and bathrooms, greening of all areas, drinking safe and clean water and keeping sanitary facilities safe and clean,” she said.


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