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Regional TI officials visit RNP on partnership against graft

The partnership between Rwanda National Police (RNP) and Transparency International (TI-Rwanda) has been significant in raising awareness and fighting corruption in Rwanda, officials from TI offices in the region have said.

A delegation of seven Transparency International officials from Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda visited and held Rwanda National Police (RNP) General Headquarters in Kacyiru, on August 26, where they held discussions with senior police officers charged with fighting graft.

The officials are from Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), Transparency International Uganda (TIU) and Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) of Nigeria.

“We are impressed by the openness at Rwanda National Police in dealing with corruption and how the police collaborate with several institutions and TI-Rwanda in particular in fighting corruption,” said Samuel Kaninda, the TI Regional Coordinator for West Africa.

He went on to say that they opted to visit Rwanda as one of the countries that stands out in fighting corruption on the continent.

“The partnership between state and non-state actors has proved that joint efforts reap big in fighting corruption and Rwanda is a good model,” Kaninda added.

During the meeting, Commissioner for Inspectorate of Services and Ethics (ISE) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jean Nepo Mbonyumuvunyi gave a presentation on the status of corruption in Rwanda, the role of RNP in fighting the vice, what has been achieved and the strategy to deal with the existing challenges.

“Public support, effective leadership and immerse political will in fighting corruption has eased the police work in fighting corruption and bribery. Rwanda National Police maintains a zero tolerance to corruption,” ACP Mbonyumuvunyi said.

As part of RNP’s impact in fighting graft, he pointed out that from January to July this year, 76 police officers and 65 civilians were arrested on corruption related charges.

RNP and TI-Rwanda have a standing memorandum of understanding to partner in information exchange and raising awareness against graft, among others.


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