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Police cracks down on currency counterfeit ring

Investigations and operations into a ring suspected to be involved in counterfeiting or circulating currencies have led to the arrest of two siblings, who are said to be part of the group.

Police spokesperson for the Northern region, Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira, said that the duo was arrested recently along Musanze-Kigali highway with US$19000, approximately Rwf15.7 million, all fake.

“After getting information, they were trailed from Kigali to Rubavu, where they got the counterfeit money, and they were intercepted at a roadblock in Gataraga Sector, their vehicle searched and found bundles of fake dollar notes amounting to $19, 000, in $100 denominations. They were immediately taken into custody,” IP Gasasira said.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the siblings aged 19 and 20 years, withdrew about Rwf8 million from their account in Kigali before traveling to Rubavu where they allegedly bought the fake dollar notes with hope of criminally making double profits.

“Investigations are still underway; we have leads of other people either in Rubavu or Kigali that could be part of this group, and conclusive investigations will put everyone involved to light, to face the wrath of the law,” IP Gasasira said.

He thanked members of the public, who tipped the police in time to foil the circulation of the counterfeit notes, called for vigilance and appealed to anyone that witnesses a crime or people with intention of carrying out an illegal and criminal act, to always be quick to inform the police.

“This and many others arrests and prevention of crime are true definition of community policing where everyone feels responsible that security and the overall wellbeing of the people towards sustainable development, is an individual and collective responsibility.”

Currency counterfeit and circulation is punishable under articles 601 to 603 of the penal code, with a sentence of up to ten years in prison upon conviction.


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