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Police calls for ‘extra care’ mining during rainy season

Rwanda National Police (RNP) is calling upon mining communities to take extra caution and desist from carrying out mining activities unprofessionally in order to avoid likely disasters, especially in this rainy season.

The call follows an incident in Kayenzi Sector of Kamonyi district where one Christine Mujawamariya was buried by landslide after a cliff at a cassiterite mining site curved in.

The incident happened on April 10.

She succumbed to injuries caused by the accident as she was being rushed to Remera Rukoma hospital.

The deceased was an employee of GIMI Ltd (Gisizi Mining Limited) a mining company that owns the concession.

Speaking after the incident, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Andre Hakizimana, the police spokesperson for Southern Province, called upon miners to use all necessary care to protect their employees against such catastrophes.

“During such a period of rainy season, it is perceived that the soils get weak; this applies to mining concessions where cliffs get weak as well, and this requires extra vigilance to ensure that such disasters don’t happen, including suspending mining activities where it deems necessary,” said CIP Hakizimana.

He said mining goes beyond getting permission but taking all necessary steps to protect the lives of the employees as well as protecting the site against any likely illegal mining activities from non-employees, which can also result into loss of lives.

“It does not simply mean securing a license and other required documents or buying protective gears; there’s also a need to train the miners and equip them with skills to help them understand the terrain of the site they are working in, emergency and rescue procedures,” he noted.


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