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Police announce major activities to mark 17th anniversary

Preparations for the upcoming 17th anniversary of Rwanda National Police are in high gear as the force plans to kick off celebration activities earlier than usual.

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Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa

In an Interview with the Commissioner for Community Policing, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa, he said that this year’s countrywide activities will be directed toward crime prevention, human security and supporting the country’s development priorities.

It will be the seventh time RNP is holding the annual event, which are community oriented, since 2010.

"This year’s activities that start on May 16 under the context of ’Police Week’ will include countrywide human security and awareness campaigns. Precisely, we will distribute Solar Home Systems (SHS) to 3000 households in remote areas and 30 health centers in every district. Our distribution plans is to have 100 homes in every district connected across the country,” said ACP Twahirwa.

"When families are connected, according to ACP Twahirwa, there is improved security in neighbourhoods due to security light, students can easily do their revision at night, social activities like Umugoroba w’ababyeyi (A village roundtable programme that transforms communities), fire risks caused by kerosene will reduce as well as improving standards of living through other businesses that are facilitated by solar energy," he noted.

Other activities that are planned include launch of the construction of a football pitch in Gasabo District, and holding several anti-crime awareness campaigns that will focus on fighting crimes like drug abuse and trafficking, Gender Based Violence, house break-ins, environmental crimes Genocide ideology, corruption, human trafficking and road traffic related offences among others.

Through partnership with citizens, RNP has recorded a tremendous progress in ensuring public safety. It is in the same line that, since 2010, RNP has been engaged in human security activities such as awarding best performers in community police. Awards ranged from vehicles to motorcycles, and even financial support.

Others mainly directed to vulnerable families, included construction and renovation of houses, paying health insurance premiums; giving heifer; planting trees among others.

“Such activities are aligned with ensuring prevention of crimes rather than responding to crimes and their consequences. In prevention, we need to get to the source of causes of crimes. Policing trends have now shifted to human security activities; security goes beyond just dealing with crimes but also the welfare of the people and this is what we are emphasizing when we are involved in such activities,” said ACP Twahirwa.

The Police Week will climaxed with ‘Police Day’ on June 16, the date the Force was created in the year 2000.

The RNP was created as a merger of the former Gendarmerie Nationale, Communal Police, and the Judicial Police Inspectors, three uncoordinated entities that had the police mandate at the time.

According to ACP Twahirwa, as a norm, RNP will be joined by the general population in various activities geared towards showcasing the "importance of partnership in policing.

“Together with the entire country, we will be celebrating the milestone achieved in the last 17 years of dedicated policing to ensure safety of our country. This landmark, that has made Rwanda one of the safest countries in the world, can be traced in RNP’s priority areas of capacity building, community policing, crime prevention and reduction strategy, international cooperation and welfare and infrastructure development, among others,” ACP Twahirwa said.

He hinted on some of the achievement that the world has recognized among them include Rwanda being one of the safest countries globally, which he attributes to the existing level of partnership at all levels.


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