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Overseas Aid team head off to Rwanda

A TEAM of volunteers arrived in Rwanda to help improve a village water supply which supports 1,200 people.

The 13 Islanders, who are part of a Jersey Overseas Aid project team, have this week been living and working in the small village of Bugasera.

During their three weeks in the country the group will work with WaterAid Rwanda on its Ecosan toilet [a closed system that does not need water] and sanitation facilities project.

The team’s deputy leader, David Agnes (65), who travelled through Rwanda 40 years ago, said that he had been looking forward to returning to the country.

Mr Agnes, who has been on three previous JOA trips, said: ‘I love working alongside different nationalities and giving something back.

Another team of JOA volunteers is also due to travel to Nepal in October for three weeks.


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