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Ministers Nyirasafari, Biruta calls for strengthened neighborhood watch

The ministers; Esperance Nyirasafari of Gender and Family Promotion, and Dr Vincent Biruta of the Natural Resources have called on beneficiaries of solar power systems donated by Rwanda National Police (RNP) to ensure they are well maintained and to be anti-crime ambassadors.

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Minister Vincent Biruta addressing residents in Ngororero.

The two ministers made the call separately as they presided over the handover of solar energy systems to residents of Kamonyi and Ngororero districts, respectively.

In Kamonyi, the solar power systems we distributed to 120 homes in Nyagihamba Village in Kambyeyi Cell, Nyarubaka sector and also connected Nyagihamba Health Center.

More 122 houses of Rubindi Village in Sovu Sector in Ngororero were also connected with solar home systems.

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Minister Esperance Nyirasafari addressing resident of Kamonyi, where she presided over the handover of solar energy.

Also in Kamonyi, RNP together with members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing commenced the construction of a house for a disadvantaged woman and removed another in Nyarubaka Sector.

Minister Nyirasafari, while speaking in Kamonyi, reminded thousands of residents who had showed up to witness the handover of solar systems that although these solar power systems contribute tremendously to improving the welfare of the beneficiaries, they also have a security connotation where crimes committed at night and facilitated by darkness, will reduce.

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It was all smiles to solar energy beneficiaries in Kamonyi

The event was also attended by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana and the Governor of the Southern Province Marie Rose Mureshyankwano, among others

“Contribution to security starts with ensuring the safety of your neighbors, reporting Gender Based Violence, Child Abuse, Human trafficking and drug users and sellers," Minister Nyirasafari said.

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Governor of the Southern Province Marie Rose Mureshyankwano speaking in Kamonyi.

She reminded that every Rwandan has a right to live, to safety safely and that several measures adopted by Police like establishment of anti-narcotics directorate, anti-GBV Unit, Isange One Stop Center, Community Policing Committees and several others are all in the interest of building a safer society and ensuring that people’s rights are protected and promoted.

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IGP Emmanuel K. Gasana addressing residents of Kamonyi.

Addressing residents, IGP Gasana said: “Through partnership with citizens, Rwanda achieved a lot including effective policing. Today, all Rwandan are living safely and our country is well protected. That spirit of community policing should rather continue to thrive.”

In Ngororero, Minister Biruta reminded thousands of residents who had gathered in Rubindi Village of Musenyi in Sovu that their contribution to community policing is paramount and urged them to keep up the momentum.

He emphasized the need to protect the environment singling out illegal and substandard mining, cutting of trees, wild fire and burning of waste in gardens as some of environmental degradation and unlawful acts that should be fought by reporting those involved to police.

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DIGP Juvenal Marizamunda speaks during the event in Ngororero.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Administration and Personnel, Juvenal Marizamunda also spoke about the role of residents in combating crimes like drug trafficking and abuse, and urged them to be agents of change in security and development.

The Governor of the Western Province Alphonse Munyantwari also attended the event in Ngororero, they also conducted Umuganda to rehabilitate feeder roads.


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