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Malawi Police officer accused of shielding Rwanda genocide suspect: Gets passport and changes name

Mponela police Officer in Charge Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Emmanuel Soko is alleged to have been behind the shielding and releasing from custody of a wanted Rwandan genocide suspect Vincent Murekezi also known as Vincent Banda

Vincent Murekezi is a suspect of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and is on wanted list both from his native country Rwanda and Interpol but has been living freely in Malawi because of his deep pockets which he uses to bribe government officials to buy his freedom.

According to the Rwandan Government list, when he fled the country he was believed to have sought refuge in Zimbabwe but apparently he found his way to Malawi.

When contacted for comment, Soko feigned ignorance before saying that he is attending to some police business and promised to call back as soon as he is done with what he was doing.

After subsequent calls from this reporter, Soko kept cutting off the line and then switched off his phone until the time we were going to press.

Murekezi acquired a Malawian passport number MA078171 through fraudulent and corrupting of Immigration officials in 2011.

He got the passport using the name Vincent Banda from Mbeya, Tanzania.

A copy of his Rwandan passport indicates the birth place, place of residence, and the number is PC 939663 Ngoma-Huye exactly the same as it appears in the dossier by Rwandan government which names him as a suspect of the 1994 genocide.

He was a well known business person but apparently messed up with the banks and became enemies with other Malawian politicians who were baying for his blood.

The Rwandan stayed in Malawi for a while and because of his fraudulent activities, he became a wanted person by the Malawi Police Service and apparently he got wind of the fact and fled the country for South Africa where he stayed for a period of 2-3 years.

After a while he came back to Malawi, and after two days in the country he was arrested in Falls Estate at the house of a Mr. Hirwa, a Rwandese national, where there was a child naming ceremony.

When he came to Malawi he was being hosted by the owner of Pacific Machinery and Pacific Ocean Lodge, who is also a Rwandese national.

According to a source at Area 30 police headquarters Murekezi was arrested by plain-clothed police officers and was taken to Mponela Police Station, which raised eye brows as to why he was taken to such a distance police station instead of Lilongwe Police Station.

“He was released after 3 days in custody after allegedly bribing the police with K3million,” said the source.

The source further said that Murekezi applied for a gun license with MPS authorities at Area 30 and apparently his application was not approved. However, as of today Vincent Murekezi has a gun with a license, an issue which is also raising eyebrows.

The source further said Murekezi has developed a rapport with unscrupulous top government officials whom he bribes at will.

“What is surprising is that Murekezi is well known as a genocide suspect who was supposed to be extradited back to his country answer charges leveled against him because Malawi is a signatory to several conventions which put it under obligation to arrest such people,” said the source.

Currently, he is residing in Area 49 and runs a shop in Area 2 Bwalo la Njobvu which is frequented by police officers who goes to collect bribes.

His second coming has brought fear among his fellow Rwandese nationals who are doing legitimate businesses in the country.

It is also alleged that one business tycoon in Lilongwe has paid rentals for Vincent for a year. It is not known the connection between the two.


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