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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday bowed his head at the Kigali memorial for victims of this African nation’s 1994 genocide, it was impossible not to juxtapose the many declarations of "Never Again" with the reality of mass killings persisting to this day, sometimes unpunished and undeterred by the United States.

John Kerry toured the bleak reminder of Rwanda’s 100 days of absolute carnage just hours before he was scheduled to depart for a new round of negotiations on Syria, today’s worst tragedy.

Kerry took part in a moment of silence behind a solitary bouquet of white roses. He then signed a book in front of the memorial’s museum.

"A beautiful final resting place created out of a horrendous tragedy," he wrote, praising efforts toward "prevention and healing."

Kerry then visited the exhibitions that trace Rwanda’s history from colonialism and the introduction of the Hutu and Tutsi classifications. They end with the devastating result of the divisions that were created, illustrated in hundreds of photos of the massacred, and rows of skulls and bones assembled in a silent, black room.


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