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Fighting currency counterfeit: Another suspect arrested

A Police continued crackdown on a ring said to be behind counterfeit and circulation of money especially in the City of Kigali, led to the arrest of one Gustave Tuyisenge, who was at the time found with notes amounting to 1050 Euros.

Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu said that the money was detected at a forex bureau in downtown, where Tuyisenge was trying to exchange it.

Upon detecting that all the 21 Euro notes were counterfeit, the spokesperson said, security guards at the forex bureau neutralized the suspect until police officers that were in operations nearby arrived shortly after and took up the case.

Meanwhile, Tuyisenge argued that he got the money from another person he claimed he doesn’t remember.

“Preliminary investigations have discovered that Tuyisenge bought the fake notes at Rwf400, 000. It has also revealed that all the 21 notes bare serial numbers, which are same as other notes that have been seized from suspects arrested in the recent past also in Kigali,” Supt. Hitayezu said.

Late last month, Police in Nyarugenge District also arrested one Pascal Sindikubwabo, who was at the time circulating counterfeit notes amounting to 2400 Euros.

The forged notes seized from both Sindikubwabo and Tuyisenge bare similar serial numbers, the spokesperson said.

“Many people involved in this economic crime have been arrested, with the arrest of one facilitating the arrest of another, but also due to vigilance of people in financial business and the business community in general, who are able to detect and to immediately inform the police; investigations are still on and steadily we are zeroing down on the origin and to break the whole ring,” he added.

He called for continued vigilance to foil those who might put them into losses through such fraudulent and criminal means.

Counterfeiting legal tender is punishable under articles 601 to 605 of the penal code, with a penalty of up to seven years in prison upon conviction.

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