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Chinese embassy in Rwanda sees off Chinese scholarship winners to study in China

Chinese Embassy in Rwanda on Wednesday evening held a reception, seeing off 37 Rwandans who are going to study in China through scholarships provided by the Chinese government and the Confucius Institute.

"Education is an important area of exchanges and cooperation between China and Rwanda. The Chinese government has placed huge weight on the educational exchanges with Rwanda," said Rao Hongwei, Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda, at the ceremony.

According to Rao, the Chinese government started to provide scholarships to Rwanda in 1976. Up to now, over 600 Rwandan students have been awarded the Chinese government scholarships, and there are more scholarships provided independently by Chinese universities, local governments and social institutions.

Currently about 1,100 Rwandan students are studying in China, of which over 200 are under various kinds of scholarship programs, he said.

Besides, the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda provides over 100 scholarships to Rwandan secondary school students through Imubuto Foundation each year, said the envoy.
"I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the government of China for the continued support rendered to Rwandans through bilaterally cooperation," said Desire Gacinya, Deputy Director General of Rwanda Education Board.

Gacinya congratulated the scholarship winners and requested them to study hard and accomplish their academic progress and be "good ambassadors" for Rwanda.
The scholarship winners are expected to set off for China around the end of August.


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