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Africa Travel Association to convene in Kigali for first time

The Africa Travel Association (ATA), a division of the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), is proud to announce its 41st Annual World Tourism Conference will take place November 14-17 this year in Kigali, Rwanda. The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is collaborating on the event.

“The Government of Rwanda is privileged to host the Africa Travel Association’s 41st Annual World Tourism Congress delegates in Kigali, Rwanda,” said Francis Gatare, RBD CEO,

“Rwanda has excellent infrastructure and an array of iconic tourism attractions that suits ATA’s event, and Kigali city has [a] special fascination to visitors. The Government of Rwanda is committed to working with Corporate Council on Africa to ensure that the event is successfully hosted in the country.”

This year’s conference comes on the eve of 2017, which the United Nations designated as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The UN designation highlights the importance of sustainable tourism, and promotes business and investment opportunities related to tourism, as well as intersecting sectors such as infrastructure, information and communications technology, health, real estate development, capacity building, and finance.

The 41st Annual World Tourism Conference will be the first time ATA’s flagship conference is hosted under CCA leadership. CCA is bringing a new emphasis on creating year-long strategic partnerships with attendees and members.

Stephen Hayes, President and CEO of the CCA said, “This year’s conference will be a learning and networking opportunity, as well as a launching pad for the exciting work we will be doing with our members throughout the year. We have had great success in creating events that generate ongoing benefits and opportunities, and we are pleased to be applying our expertise to the tourism industry.”


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