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ACP Badege urges youth leaders on sustainability

The Commissioner for Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Theos Badege has called upon youth leaders to jealously protect and sustain what the country has achieved in the transformation process.

ACP Badege was speaking on June 24 to 845 youth leaders in sectors and districts in the Southern and Western provinces, currently undergoing a civic education programme – Itorero – at the university of Rwanda-College of Arts and Social Science (UR-CASS) in Huye District.

Present was also the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT, Rosemary Mbabazi.

ACP Badege noted that Rwanda has taken a commendable step in all aspects including security and economic development, but noted that preserving and promoting these achievements is another thing that as youth leaders, should as well give emphasis.

“Don’t give any favour to anyone that tries or with intention to destroy what Rwandans have worked hard to achieve, you are the powerhouse of this country and your role both in security through community policing and implementation and sustaining government policies and programmes should be among your priorities as well,” ACP Badege said.

He seized the opportunity to show them photos of their youth colleagues who were arrested trafficking narcotic drugs, and urged them to fight such noting that it is one of the threats to youth development, affecting their education, health and their characters and ultimately the country in general.

ACP Badege also enlightened to them on the emerging threat of modern-day slavery – human trafficking – the tricks such as deceit traffickers use and appealed to them to always report strangers or other people that may attempt to seduce them with promises abroad.

One of the youth participants Achille Mpagazehe, who hails from Nyabirasi Sector in Rutsiro District, said the lecture was an eye opener to many on cross-section of issues related to security like human trafficking, and their role in promoting safety and peace.

In the same spirit, ACP Celestin Twahirwa, the commissioner for Public Relations, Media and Protocol in Rwanda National Police, echoed the same message in Timba College of Technology where he was lecturing the first batch of over 500 cell and village leaders of Nyarugenge district also attending civic education programme.

ACP Twahirwa, who dwelt much on preserving what has been achieved, and the role of local leaders in ensuring security, noted that timely information sharing with security agencies will be a vital tool in crime prevention and response.

" Make use of advanced technology and communication at you disposal to effectively implement community policing initiatives and ensure public order,safety and security of your people" ACP Twahirwa advised.

He urged them to be active in organising parents evening meetings– Umugoroba wa babyeyi – where they discuss various issues related to security and the wellbeing of communities.


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