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12 drivers arrested over bribery

Police operations on different highways connecting the countryside to the capital have arrested 12 drivers, who attempted to bribe traffic officers after they were caught in varied traffic related offences.

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Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda

The drivers had been found driving with incomplete documents, others had expired documents while there those that had overloaded transporting unauthorized luggage.

In the Southern region, on the road connecting Ngororero-Muhanga and Muhanga-Huye, Police arrested at least seven drivers at a checkpoint mounted in the night of September 19, who tried to offer bribes so as not to be penalized.

Police identified the seven suspects as Jean Hitimana, Theogene Semajeri, Fabien Niyoyita, Vedaste Habimana, Tharcisse Hakineza, Eric Nshimyumukiza and one only identified as Felix.

They were found driving without insurance, lacked vehicle mechanical certificate while others had overloaded, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, the spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety Department, said.

In the Eastern Province, on Bugesera-Kigali highway and Rwamagana-Kigali highways, Police arrested Olivier Mazimpaka, Daniel Karangwa, Sother Uwizeyimana over similar offence.

The entire trio was at the time found without vehicle mechanical certificate, when they attempted the criminal move to try to escape penalties.

In Northern Province, one Jean Claude Munyaneza was arrested along Rulindo-Musanze road after he tried to offer a bribe to escape penalties for overloading.

Still in the same region, along the Gatuna-Kigali highway, the duo of Ildephonse Munyentwari and Victor Arinda also tried to escape penalties with bribes.

Munyentwari had been found transporting cows without authorization permit as a norm while Arinda’s vehicle had no headlights.

Reacting on the arrests, CIP Kabanda strongly warned the public against attempts to bribe Police officers.

He reminded the public that officers are charged with ensuring high levels of moral discipline and to ensure that roads are safe for all.

“We sensitize the public against corruption and bribery. This is a country that has a zero-stance on such vices and we must fight against it whenever it occurs. Rwanda National Police (RNP) has laid stringent measures against these evil practices and will not hesitate to apprehend anyone, who tries to demand or receive a bribe, as stipulated under articles 640, 641 and 642 of the Rwanda penal code,” CIP Kabanda said.

Demanding or receiving a bribe under article 641 attracts a sentence between five and seven years and s fine of twice to ten times the value of the illegal benefit offered or promised.

“Respect the traffic rules and regulations, and if you are caught violating any accept the penalties because if you try bribery means, you will be arrested for that offence to face the law.”

According to the traffic spokesperson, at least 87 drivers have arrested since the beginning of this for the same bribery offence.

He explained that there are also police officers, who have been implicated in such malpractices and that they were also handed varied penalties.

“It takes nothing to respect the law or traffic rules and regulations in particular. Fighting corruption should be made a tradition among all Rwandans,” said CIP Kabanda.


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