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Forget About Swearing in: Besigye Assures Museveni

Uganda: Former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] candidate Kizza Besigye accuses the national army of “pillage and rape” of the country’s democracy.

As it was last season when he faced a lot of pressure from the opposition side FDC, Museveni is likely to be or NOT sworn in as Besigye warns.

Besigye still insists that he won 2016 elections and will not allow President Yoweri Museveni to bask in his [Besigye’s] victory.

The opposition leader picked 35.4 percent against Museveni’s 60.8 percent of the total votes cast.

Supreme Court last week dismissed second runner up Amama Mbabazi’s petition saying he had no evidence to cause an annulment of the election.

“I will do everything within my reach to ensure Museveni isn’t sworn in until an independent audit of the poll results is done,” Besigye told journalists on Tuesday morning at his home in Kasangati.

President Museveni is expected to be sworn-in the fifth time in May this year.

Besigye sought to know why he was he was placed under house arrest if Museveni fairly won the elections.

“Ugandans spoke in the election,” he told press, adding that it was the electoral commission and security forces [police, army] that were curtailing democracy in the country.

Besigye also revealed that he has postponed the launch of the national defiance movement campaign to first consult with the party National Executive Council [NEC].

Meanwhile, police increased deployment at Kalerwe roundabout as Besigye left Kasangati headed for Najjanankumbi party headquarters for prayers.

Every Tuesday, the party holds prayers across the country in their “Free My Vote Campaign”.

This is Besigye’s first trip to town in weeks.

However, the Police deputy spokesperson, Polly Namaye, says Besigye won’t be allowed to make a procession to the city centre.

By Robert Muriisa.

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