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Yellow Fever: Rwanda Strengthens the Monitoring on the Border with DRC

The Rwanda puts its borders notably with the DRC under surveillance. The Rwandan Ministry of Health says it wants to protect its population against three diseases including yellow fever raging in Angola, a country bordering the DRC.

Rwanda-Congo boarder.

Rwanda says it wants to ensure that the Congolese returning on its territory are not infected by this disease.

The Rwandan government has therefore decided to make the yellow card for mandatory vaccination against yellow fever to whoever enters or leaves the country. Medical tests will now be carried out at the border between the DRC and Rwanda.

According to the Rwandan Minister of Health Agnes Binagwaho, Kigali is under the threat of three diseases: yellow fever and animal zika of rift valley fever which has of recent been declared Kenya and also attacks humans.

The Minister says that there are Congolese from Angola infected with yellow fever and therefore we shall keep on alert so that we can save the Rwandan society from acquiring the same diseases.

Minister explains how the controls will be carried out at the border:

"It monitors the temperature at the entrance of the country. If [foreign] does not have a vaccination card, take the person and the quarantine. If the person is sick, we will give him all the care that he/she needs. If they come from a country where there is an outbreak, they will be forced to return to their country, we shall not allow them to enter in Rwanda. And even if they have the yellow card order, we’ll do a quick test to see if they have the antibody levels that protect them.” The minister said.

However, The Congolese Minister of Health, Felix Kabange Numbi said on March 21 that there was no yellow fever epidemic reported in the DRC. However, he acknowledged that suspected cases of yellow fever were reported in the Congo Central Province.

According to the minister, may be the patients would be from Angola, where the disease occurs from the month of December.

A picture shows a patient suffering from yellow fever.

By Robert Muriisa.

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