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The food supplement You Need So Your Penis Can Perform

Low levels of this nutrient may cause your penis to let you down,Lacking enough of the vitamins might snuff out the lights on your bedroom game.

New research suggests that low levels of vitamins especially D may increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.

When researchers tested 143 men with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, they found that nearly half of them were coming up deficient in D, and only one in five had optimal levels of the nutrient.

What’s more, men with severe cases of ED had vitamin D levels that were about 24 percent lower than those of men with mild forms of the condition.

Insufficient levels of D may spur the production of free radicals called superoxide ions.

These free radicals deplete your nitric oxide, a molecule that helps your blood vessels function properly.

The result: It makes it hard to, well, get hard.
“Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to relax, which increases the blood flow and causes an erection under normal circumstances,” says, a Men’s Health urology advisor. Without the necessary amounts of nitric acid, though, your blood vessels may not relax enough to allow for an erection.

If you suffer from ED, ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. For ED patients with low levels, the study recommends taking supplements to get back to the optimal level of 30 ng/mL or above. And this is where you need to start taking REVIVE Food supplement.

The main mechanism of Revive to improve sex appeal is to increase reflection function of nerve conduction. Meanwhile, Revive is to cure the ebb of sexual function, dramatically increases libido, decrease neurasthenic, release the pain of waist and the impotence of limbs. It can also help enhance blood flow, promote stamina, nourish, invigorate and tonify kidney.

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John - 28/02/2017 saa 17:54

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John - 28/02/2017 saa 17:53

Fukang REVIVE really Revives! it makes the penis firm and erects well. Suffer no more.

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