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Wife Denied Husband to Sell Family Cow, Finally Commits Suicide

Uganda: Nambieso Sub-county Apac District was yesterday engulfed in grief after a 44-year old man Charles Okullo committed suicide in a police cell where he was being held for wife battering.

Okullo’s woes started when his wife frustrated his efforts to sell the only family cow.

Charles Okullo, a resident of Ayombwor cell, reportedly committed suicide at Nambieso Police Outpost where he was being held.

It is reported that Okullo wanted to sell the cow but being the only economic surety for his family; his wife denied him and warned anyone against buying it.

A domestic brawl ensued and Okullo allegedly assaulted his wife who reported him to police.

According to Apac OC CID Pamela Aguti, the deceased was found hanging on a piece of cloth in the cell in the morning.

She said police has initiated a thorough investigation into the whole matter

By Robert Muriisa.

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