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Uganda’s Dr. Nyanzi: Clitoris Not Vagina, No Politician is Worth Mine

Makerere university satirist, Dr Stella Nyanzi has explained why she never burned her clitoris as earlier promised.

Nyanzi had vowed to roast her clitoris on a charcoal stove if President Yoweri Museveni won the 2016 elections.

When the president was declared winner after February 18 polls, Ugandans put Nyanzi on pressure to burn her clitoris as promised.

Below is her explanation:

One quick point of clarification, people. After recently writing about my clitoris, I learnt that many people neither know the anatomy of female genitals, nor understand the anatomy of women’s erotic pleasure. Oba your sex is how? Hm!

The clitoris is a single unit. It is not the twin towers that many Ugandan men love to hit-hit-hit in order to elicit matress-soaking juice . Some adolescent Ugandan women regularly yank the two labia minora into neat lengths that boldly dangle outside the labia majora. The clit is not the labia. It is not the vagina.

The clitoris sits hidden behind a hoodie of skin at the top of the vulva, where the four labia lips meet. It has guzillions of sensitive nerve-endings that respond pleasurably to stimulation.

It grows when rubbed. Wankers, whether solo or mutual, can elicit a grandiose clitoral orgasm without any penetration of the ponani. A combined clitoral and vaginal orgasm works best for some of us.

Please pay due homage to the clitoris – whether your own or your partner’s. Your sex life will be much more thrilling. You will begin to praise God for the splendour of womanhood. You will remember me forever as your female partners start to purr, hum, hiss and squirt from your ministrations!

And no, I never burnt my clit. That was a literary device. No politician is worth it!

By Robert Muriisa.

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