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This man (68) has 58 wives and 300 children

An elderly man in Nigeria, is raising eyebrows after announcing that he married an 18-year-old woman as his 57th wife.

69-year-old Chief Simon Odo, a herbalist, married the 18-year-old woman identified as Chidinma.

Odo of Enugu, revealed that he does not plan to marry another woman as he now has 57 wives and they are enough for him. In total, Odo has been married to 68 women, but 11 already died.

Odo, also known as King Solomon of Africa, keeps a notebook, where he wrote all the names of his wives and over 200 children. His children are listed according to their birth dates.

Odo said that he decided to have a large family because he was the only child of his parents. When he was 15 years old, he began to study ancient medicine and married his first wife.

His latest and youngest wife, Chidinma, revealed that she will not cook or feed the large family. Odo’s 56 other wives take chances cooking meals the family.

Odo is encouraging his children not to follow in his footsteps as it is very difficult to mediate the differences among so many women.

By Robert Muriisa.

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