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Father-in-law Beats up Son’s Bride at Wedding for Showing him her Middle Finger

Russia: A father-in-law in Russia, became extremely angry at the bride who showed him her middle finger during the wedding ceremony, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The video shows the moment the bride showed the middle finger to her father-in-law, causing a large brawl at the wedding.

The bride identified as Lena, is seen in a nice white gown before turning to the camera and raising her middle finger. At first, it seemed like the gesture was a joke accompanied with a cool smile and a wink.

However, the new father-in-law was not impressed and lunged at the bride within seconds.

One man can be heard saying to take the bride’s middle finger and cut it off on a plate before the father-in-law shouted at her to leave the room.

A woman is seen telling the bride to calm down while another woman told the father-in-law to just kill her.

Moments later, the father-in-law is heard saying that the wedding cost him a lot of money before he threw the bride down to the ground.

Lena was then taken away in tears. People who witnessed the scene, said that it appeared the wedding guests were under the influence of alcohol.

By Robert Muriisa.

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