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Tecno Mobile Rwanda Forecast to Launch a New Phone Very Soon that will Make Everybody Dance High with the Music

Tecno Mobile is believed to have worked on a better version of the boom series with an upgraded OS the HiOS v1.0 and customer online forum.

Forecast are flying, and we’ve picked up lots of hints about new features that could appear in the Tecno phone in the Boom series.

In our Tecno mobile forecast roundup we cover a lot of ground: you’d be amazed by the clues, hints and general speculation about this new boom series phone that people have managed to dig up.

Camera .

Comparing with the iPhone 6 plus the Tecno boom j8 comes with a similarly camera and brighter flash light. Even better the j8 also has a front camera with a flashlight.

It’s believed that both cameras can work together to give you a 360ᵒ view while taking videos and pictures.

5.0MP on front camera and 13.0MP on back camera.

1.2MP on front camera and 8.0MP on back camera.


• Boom Player, Boom Headphone, Boom Maxx, Perfect Mega Bass.
• Even better its music comes with a Gesture Quick Start, can tell you want music by just looking at it.
• The phone itself is like a person, it can breathe when there is music.


Voice 66dB / Noise 65dB / Ring 72dB Noise -94dB / Crosstalk -73.4dB but only on one side

Headphone Enhancement

• Maxxbass restores the sensation of natural stereo separation and spaciousness by applying a subtle proprietary process to the headphones stereo signal.
• Maxxbass headphone enhancement enables even the simplest pair of ear-buds to provide an expansive, enveloping listening experience.

• This Maxxbass is equal to two big club speakers

The speakers inside Apple EarPods have been engineered to minimize sound loss and maximize sound output. So you get high-quality audio that’s just as impressive as what you’d hear from more expensive headphones.



• 153.3*76.84*7.3mm
• 3000mAh
•Actually screen :77.35%

So slim that it can totally fit and disappear in the pocket and can’t be seen from close/far in the pocket
It’s believed that the new Tecno boom j8 will come with a newer version of the of the tecno signature OS the HiOS v1.0.
Of cause it will have the Android 5.1 but the HiOS v1.0 will add a whole new twist to the looks and design of the apps
It’s forecast that customers will be able to change the shape of the apps by just stretching them with their figures on the screen.

IPhone6 plus

• 158.2*77.9*7.3mm
• 2750mAh
•Actually screen :67.67%

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Emile - 21/03/2016 saa 13:32

Is tit Accessible now? Where can find it in Kigali?

Emile - 21/03/2016 saa 13:03

Had i had money today would have bought it for my sweet heart!

Eduard - 21/03/2016 saa 12:57

Wow i hope it is Cheapest so that we can buy it

Rwogera - 21/03/2016 saa 12:51

whre ca I buy it? these days tecno is wow

Hubert - 21/03/2016 saa 12:48

what a new brilliant tecno, we aer getting nowdays. so fineeeeeeeeee

Nkusi - 21/03/2016 saa 12:45

where can I get it? tell me

Judth - 21/03/2016 saa 12:44

you say what? I can breath! amasing

Muriisa Robert - 21/03/2016 saa 12:44

Oh my God, this phone is so amazing. look at the headphone. i like it for real. I ve to spend all my money and have it. It looks to be having a wonderful internet speed. Let them bring it on market, am ready to get one.

Muriisa Robert - 19/03/2016 saa 18:35

Wawooooooo, I can't wait to have such a phone. It looks so beautiful and I thing it can change my daily life. You fell with swagggggg possessing that new BoomJ8 phone. Techno hurry co'z I need it. I have to spend my money on that.

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