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Rwanda Ranked 17th Poorest Country in the World, Report

New report on the poorest countries in the World 2015 Rankings is based on the Gross domestic product (GDP) based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita of a country, which compares the generalized differences in the cost of living and standards between countries.

One of the slum in Rwandan capital- Kigali.

The 10 poorest countries includes; CAR 1st, Congo 2nd, Malawi 3rd, Liberia 4th, Burundi 5th, Niger 6th, Mozambique 7th, Eritrea 8th, Guinea 9th and Madagascar in the 10th position.

However, the report also shows the Countries in East Africa as Uganda is the 19th poor country in the world, Rwanda 17th with 1,782.46 international dollars, Tanzania 25th, South Sudan 28th, and Kenya 41st)

At the bottom of the ranking we have Quarter, Luxemburg, Singapore, Brunei, Kuwait, Norway, and UAE.

By Robert Muriisa.

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