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Keep Awake: Museveni is a Danger to Uganda and Surrounding Great Lakes Countries

Intelligence briefing from reliable sources, nobody is on a safe side. During the yesterday’s visit to Kenya, while having dinner with President Uhuru Kenyatta, General Museveni pulled his chair and whispered something to the ears of his host.

Those present were surprised to see the Kenyan President rich for his pocket and hand his private phone to the Ugandan despot. With the phone in his hands, the Ugandan despot asked to be excused for a moment. He went into a nearby private room and made phones for about 20 minutes.

Reliable sources have informed us that the President was making calls to members of the Supreme Court in Uganda and ordering them to dismiss the Mbabazi petition with costs.

That he did not want to use his usual phone because he knew it was being monitored. Unfortunately for him, even Uhuru’s private handset was being watched and monitored by world powers.

Actually, it was during that same visit that even the leader of Botswana informed the Kenya’s president to arrest the criminal, being Museveni and hand him over to the US. This alone could have brought fear and suspicion to the Uganda’s president nicknamed the ‘senior dictator.’

It is after listening in to Museveni’s threatening phone calls to Chief Justice Katurebe and other members of the Supreme Court that finally forced the USA to act.

It was at this point that President Obama authorised the US Ambassador Samantha Power to release a damaging dossier on Museveni to the UN Security Council. In this dossier, the American makes it clear to the world that the Ugandan despot is a danger to the Security and stability of his country and the entire great lakes region.

You will recall that former Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson had a private dinner with General Museveni in Kampala last week. Reliable sources inform us that it was at this meeting that America told Museveni that they were watching.

Carson showed satellite evidence to Museveni proving that there was never 100% turnout for him anywhere in the country and that in the Karamoja sub-region; he never got that 95% turnout but the opposite. Carson only wanted Museveni to respect the Judiciary and let it decide on the petition independently, a proposal the despot did not seem to be enthusiastic about.

Carson wanted to convince Museveni that he should stop lying to himself, his people and the world. But it was Museveni’s actions in Nairobi that finally made Americans to Act.

Therefore the Uganda’s Justice Team should do their work according to the set laws because the whole world is watching them. They should not do the same nonsense of 2001 and 2006. This will not be accepted. Sources.

On Uganda’s side, Museveni continues to detain the Uganda’s long serving General, Sejusa and there could be reason/s behind why he was denied bail.

He also continues to detain the strong opposition members and with no doubt, Ugandans continue to live in an environment full of intimidation and fear.

By Robert Muriisa.

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Daniel eyechu - 26/03/2016 saa 19:22

why to scare ugandans to level,is obama becoming anext ugandan president.ihate that nosense am augandsn and iremain

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